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Bohemians West
Bohemians West: Free Love, Family, and Radicals in Twentieth-Century America
By Sherry L. Smith

With a grand cast of historical figures and beguiling couple at its center, this intimate portrait of a radical romance at the turn of the last century is irresistible and timely. Both titillating and intelligent, it raises still-topical questions of sexual equality and political reform.

San Francisco’s Chinatown
Photographs by Dick Evans; Text by Kathy Chin Leong

This keepsake volume is an immersion into a thriving neighborhood filled with diverse residents and a mélange of Chinese and American culture, architecture, and cuisine. Vibrant images and lucid text capture Chinatown’s daily life, delights, and contrasts.

Spirits of SF
Spirits of San Francisco: Voyages Through the Unknown City
By Gary Kamiya and Paul Madonna

The perfect gift for SF lovers! Marrying image and text in a way no book has done before, Kamiya's narratives accompany Madonna's masterful drawings and breathe life into San Francisco sites both iconic and obscure.

The Debt Project
The Debt Project: 99 Portraits Across America
By Brittany M. Powell

Ninety-nine portraits feature people of different backgrounds from across the US recontextualizing an often-stigmatized experience, examining the social and personal hold financial debt has on us, while also empowering people to share their stories and overcome the shame they feel.

Grief And Grievance
Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America
Originally conceived by Okwui Enwezor; Curatorial advisors: Naomi Beckwith, Massimiliano Gioni, Glenn Ligon, and Mark Nash

A timely, urgent exploration into ways artists grapple with race and anguish in modern America. Featuring works by 30+ artists and writings by leading scholars and art historians, it gives voice to artists addressing concepts of mourning, commemoration, and loss and considers their engagement with the social movements that Black grief has galvanized.

Carleton Watkins
Carleton Watkins: Making the West American
By Tyler Green

Motivated by Watkins’s pictures Congress passed legislation, signed by Lincoln, preserving Yosemite as the prototypical “national park,” the first such landscape preservation in the world. This book includes the first history of the birth of the national park concept since environmental historian Hans Huth’s landmark 1948 Yosemite: The Story of an Idea.