Impressions: Short Letters (Signed Copy)

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Pandit, Ameya D.
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Ameya D. Pandit

The short letters in this book are the narration of many things felt. All the letters curated here are an extension of all those things that were naturally felt. In today's time and age, as the world divides itself, these letters attempt to unify it, portray the commonality in each of us, and provides any thoughtful reader, an elevation, an escape into a world of ideas-one of objectivity, of purity, and of individuality. This is Pandit's first book, a selection of letters from the remains of his file, his inquiry, his study in the magnificence that lives in and around us, of those in plain sight-in the child, the nature, or the art. The short letters in this book endeavor to highlight the brilliance of these most basic forms.

It's a quest, so it's by no means finished.

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