The Instant Anxiety Solution: 5 Simple Steps to Quiet Your Mind & Achieve Calm (Signed Copy)

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Michelle Biton
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Macaluso, Nadine
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Hatherleigh Press

An essential resource for every person suffering from anxiety featuring helpful hacks to reduce anxiety, manage emotions more effectively, improve interpersonal relationships and cope with stress.

The Instant Anxiety Solution revolves around a 5-step program called A.L.A.R.M. enabling easy, accessible practical skills and techniques for anyone willing to do the work. The essential steps are as follows:

Step #1 - Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System
Step #2 - Label “What” You Are Feeling
Step #3 - Acknowledge That Emotions Are Temporary
Step #4 - Remember to AVOID Layering Your Thoughts & Emotions
Step #5 - Move Forward and Take Action

Supportive worksheets and journal elements are included to better help people practice their new skills.

Currently, anxiety is the #1 mental health disorder in the United States, with roughly 40 million people suffering annually and growing rapidly. Sadly, only an estimated 37% receive professional help, largely due to affordability and accessibility issues.

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