John Evans on What We Wore Podcast

Our own John Evans was featured on the What We Wore Podcast recent episode.

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John Evans is the co-owner of Diesel, A Book Store with his wife Alison. In an industry that seems to be working against them, they’ve created an independent book selling legacy for over 30 years in California. This episode offers a unique perspective into the world of independent bookstores and how, as John says, "book selling may not always be a good living, but it’s a good life".

What We Wore is a podcast hosted by Laura Vinroot and features standout fashion icons and talented industry leaders. For Laura Vinroot Poole, Capitol has never really been about fashion... it has always always been about the people. From the designers she meets on the road to the editors and friends she hosts in-store, Laura gets to know our guests on a deeper, more authentic level through What We Wore.