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karenweb I love reading the demented, strange, and surreal authors who captivate and collude with the riff-raff of society -- Haruki Murakami, Dennis Lehane, and Chuck Palahniuk to name a few.







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Monkey Portraits Cover Image
ISBN: 9780821257555
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Bulfinch - September 26th, 2006

This book is really a humor book because it portrays many different species of monkeys in a gorgeously illustrated manner. But they look posed and some are almost human looking. This book was a perfect gift for my brother's birthday, and it doesn't hurt that he takes after my father who was quite hairy (ok, caterpillar eyebrows) and was quite fond of pictures of monkeys and gorillas. This book is for a certain kind of person, but it is sure to put a smile on anyone's face, I guarantee it!

Invisible Monsters Cover Image
ISBN: 9780393319293
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: W. W. Norton & Company - September 17th, 1999

I read this after much trepidation due to the Fight Club movie thinking it would be violent and unappealing. But on a friend's recommendation, I went ahead and started it. A key sentence in the first paragraph was what grabbed my attention: "This is called scene setting: where everybody is, who's alive, who's dead. This is Evie Cottrell's big wedding reception moment. Evie is standing halfway down the big staircase in the manor house foyer, naked inside what's left of her wedding dress, still holding her rifle." Oh man, aren't you insanely curious what happens next? I sure was. This book is a slippery waterslide ride of prose and adventure and be willing to endure some somewhat disgusting graphic descriptions of many unsavory things, including oozing wounds from major facial injuries after a car accident. But what a wonderfully written ride!

Little Scarlet Cover Image
ISBN: 9780446612715
Availability: Special Order - Please call to confirm availability
Published: Vision - April 2005

As always, Mosley paints a wonderful picture of time and place in his books. This one is no exception. Easy Rawlins gets himself in yet another mess with a jealous boyfriend and possible murderers. But, the best part about this book in the picture of L.A. during a riot in Watts.

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Once A Spy Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385530781
Availability: Special Order - Please call to confirm availability
Published: Doubleday - March 9th, 2010

*** March 2010 Newsletter Pick ***
Drummond Clark was once a spy of legendary proportions but now he is older, may have Alzheimer's disease, and tends to wander away from home. His son, Charlie, clueless of Drummond's secret profession, is driving his father home one day when bullets start flying from the car behind them. Charlie soon discovers that Drummond's unremarkable career as an appliance salesman is actually a cover-up for an elaborate plan to sell would-be terrorists faulty nuclear detonators. Now the CIA wants to "contain" father and son alike and Drummond must pull his son into the fray if they are both going to survive. This is a real fun page-turner filled with humor, intrigue and non-stop action.