Let Them Eat Cake!

So many thanks to everybody who came out to celebrate with us at DIESEL in Oakland during our 25th Anniversary Weekend. There was champagne and pie (a natural combination if ever there was one). There were cookies and milk (a previously unheard of combination if ever there was one). There was music and dancing, courtesy of our good friends Dodge's Sundodgers. There was an open mic and bourbon (oh my!). Oh . . . and stupendously gorgeous cakes that tasted as good as they looked, courtesy of the dear folks at Sweet Adeline Bakeshop.


Silver anniversary achieved, we're pushing onward now to gold. For twenty-five years we've been in conversation with our neighbors in Oakland, as highlighted in last week's excellent feature on our store in Oakland North. Our bellies filled with cake and heads with books (as are yours apparently), we're asking now for help to to make the conversation even better.

In the video below John & Alison quickly tell the story of DIESEL's past and their vision for its future, and unveil our IndieGoGo fundraising appeal. We hope you'll watch, click, & share.