March 23rd Update

We hope that all are keeping well and starting to settle in to this new way of living. We continue to work under the assumption that we are an essential business and on what is best for all of us. So things are changing day to day.

At the moment, books can be ordered on-line at:

Our warehouse will ship them to your home in a matter of days. We encourage this.

There will be a couple of folks in the shop, to answer questions and recommend books between 10-3. If there is no answer on the phone, email us and we will respond by e-mail. Our email is: .

Our door will be slightly ajar for contactless pick up from 10-3 while we are staffed. For this you can call us to see if someone is there, pay for the book over the phone and pick it up from a table at the door. We are practicing social distancing at work and at the door.

As you may be able to tell from this, we will do our best but please bear with us if it gets jinky.

Stay well and stay in touch,

Alison, John and all DIESELfolk

Books are the best way to self-isolate
and be connected to the whole world.