Nocturnalia: Nature in the Western Night (Signed Copy)

Nocturnalia: Nature in the Western Night
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Charles Hood
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Martínez-Fonseca, José Gabriel
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Heyday Books

Don't be afraid of the dark: grab a flashlight and rediscover your sense of adventure

Darkness is something humans strive to keep at bay, but under the glow of twilight a nocturnal universe stirs to life. Nightshade blossoms bloom, javelinas parade down city streets, fox eyes gleam under the cover of the forest, and tiny sparrows fly incredible distances, guided by the stars. Naturalist Charles Hood and bat biologist Jos Gabriel Mart nez-Fonseca unravel these enigmas in Nocturnalia, inviting readers on an environmental romp through the wonders of the Wild West. Their sundown dispatches, featuring over 100 photographs from California and the American Southwest, take us from the astronomical canopy overhead, to the flora that unfurl under moonshine, to the creatures that go bump in the night. With practical tips for the budding nighttime naturalist, the authors invite citizen scientists of all stripes to expand our knowledge of this final frontier and our understanding of life on Earth. Exploring the evolutionary adaptations of owls, bats, and other nightlife animals; the natural history of nighttime plants; and the celestial patterns that regulate this after-dark kingdom, Hood and Mart nez-Fonseca lift their lanterns to illuminate the exquisite and intricate inner workings of nature after nightfall.

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