November is the New December

What is "November is the New December"?

This year, we at DIESEL, A Bookstore, as well as many other independent bookstores, are asking our customers to do their holiday shopping early and at local businesses.

Because of the high demand for books, we are expecting supply chain disruptions and delayed inventory shipments, especially if sales and orders are concentrated in December. In other words, books purchased in December may not be restocked promptly, and books ordered for customers in December may not arrive within the month.

Independent bookstores are more than retail stores: they're about the importance of relationships, community, and connection. Independent bookstores are gathering spots for all ages, as well as an opportunity for different generations to, through books, share an experience. Along with this, bookstores are places to take pause, discover new books and authors, and find something you didn't know you were looking for.

The COVID-19 pandemic is dealing a blow to independent bookstores, as well as most small businesses, and we all need to help now before it is too late, as it is predicted many small businesses may not survive the coming months. But although this pandemic is a new crisis and challenge, independent bookstores have already been suffering from Amazon's growing monopoly. With our dollars, we vote for and choose the world we want to live in. Our communities need our dollars, and our support, in order to survive and to thrive.

How can you help?

Please begin your holiday shoping this month.

Both of our locations, Brentwood and Del Mar, are open for in-store browsing.

You can also order books here on our website. We offer both in-store/curb-side pick-up and shipping.

We're also happy to take orders, and make recommendations, over the phone. Books ordered over the phone can also be either picked up or shipped.

Thank you for your support.