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Operation ArgusOperation ARGUS is fast-paced, thoughtful and personal. An insightful story that touches the mind, the heart and creates a sense of intrigue in the search of the truth.

Mitch is a man with many memories and troubled by his violent past. He gathers Mac from Chile, Jimmy from Bangkok, Ryan from the UK, Bob from Equatorial Guinea and Sam the current Regimental Sergeant Major of 22 Special Air Service in Hereford. 

They gather in San Francisco for the funeral and disperse to uncover a web of deceit including a ruthless Drug Cartel, the IRA and the Russian Mafia leading a path to a massive money laundering clearing house which is the First World Bank headquartered in Canary Wharf, London - taking big bets on long-shot geo-political outcomes and winning big.

Nikita is somehow at the heart of the mystery as he guides the First World Bank through some of the riskiest investments possible, and that despite common consensus, those big bets come off, time and again, making some very wealthy people in the shadows even wealthier. The question becomes, who is really calling the shots - is it Dankov, the head of the Russian Mafia or the man at the end of the long, wide marble corridor deep in The Kremlin, Moscow. 

Election rigging and international sovereign interests in global instability emerge as the book takes the reader through a journey of personal struggles, international political intrigue and provides some insights to Maskirovka - the Russian doctrine of deceit, misinformation, and manipulation.

Operation ARGUS takes place in the month around the 2016 US Presidential elections, with a rich cast of characters and starts in San Francisco but spans Colombia, Tangier, Lithuania, New York, London, Paris and Moscow with Mitch at the helm, Bella, Lord Beecham, Colonel Collins, Nikita, Tommy Boyle, Paulo Mancini, the band of five and the mysterious International Assassin, 狗, Gǒu, or The Dog in the shadows throughout the tale.

Operation ARGUS has all the hallmarks of a soldiers tale but with a rich ebb and flow that takes the reader on a journey into the minds of the SAS soldier mentality, international politics, intrigue, and very personal journeys through facing the perils of a violent past and ruthless reality in the world today.

Are you ready for the truth?

Operation ARGUS will be released on June 17th. Pre-order your signed copy now!

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