Remember Me As Sunshine (Signed Copy)

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Jacqueline Lemieux-Bokor

A comforting and beautiful tribute to honor a beloved pet, and a gentle reflection for anyone who has ever loved a dog. Jacqueline Lemieux-Bokor has created a sublime ode to the pure unconditional love of our dogs. Filled with soulful photographs of older dogs that vividly yet tenderly capture their personalities, and poems channeled by the imagined voices of each dog; this book shines like a ray of sunshine. Visually stunning - every page is a feast for the eyes and the heart and soul. Within the still lifes are flowers these dogs would see on their daily walks, butterflies that they may encounter, and their favorite toys, with the page's delightful colors paying homage to the rainbow bridge poem. To remember one's own dog there is a page to personalize with your dog's name and additional pages for handwritten memories of your beloved companion. Created as a gift to give someone who is grieving the passing / the loss of their dog or to anyone who has ever loved a dog.This book is truly cathartic ~ it makes one cry, then smile through one's tears, and feel wonder, awe, and gratitude to have known the unconditional love of a dog.