San Diego Book Crawl, Saturday, August 29th, 2020

DIESEL Del Mar is proud to join our fellow San Diego Booksellers in this year's San Diego Book Crawl. Although there will not be much "crawling"' this year, we invite you to visit the websites and social media pages of San Diego's independent bookstores and explore how each store is celebrating, as we all have different browsing availability and are all celebrating in our own ways.


DIESEL Del Mar is open for browsing for individuals and/or small groups from 10:00-5:00. We'd love for you to visit us! We also provide online sales and at-the-door pick-ups.



Exclusive 2020 San Diego Book Crawl Pin

Spend $30 or more at any one of the participating indie bookstores to receive the exclusive enamel book owl pin
designed by San Diego artist Susie Ghahremani.




Participating Indie Booksellers:

Bay Books
Bluestocking Books
La Playa Books
Library Shop
Mysterious Galaxy
Run for Cover Bookstore
Sandcastle Tales
The Book Catapult
UC San Diego Bookstore
Verbatim Books