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Small presses, independent presses, imprints, labors of love. It becomes increasingly confounding to many, that people exist who are wholeheartedly committed to serving the culture. Ulterior motives are our knee-jerk suspicions when people seem to be devoted to something beyond themselves. We recognize it exists, but doubt it everywhere we see it. So, being closer in than most to the world of publishing, to presses big and small, we wanted to give praise to the hard, dedicated and yes, devoted, work of those at work in the fields of the word -- high quality, small, independent presses. Recently, we had the opportunity and pleasure to hear a lecture by David R. Godine, printmaker & publisher extraordinaire, discussing his forty years of independent publishing, his inspirations, his accomplishments, and the fineries of press, paper and design. The particular aesthetic commitments to design as well as content are what he is known for. This particularity, idiosyncrasy, and excellence of editorial and production values are what draws us to small presses and what reassures us of their integrity. They are the conscience of the book industry, the culture, and our society. We depend on them for the life of our language, our culture and our very minds and hearts. So, here's a toast to small presses! Long may they live, arise and thrive! Long may we have the time to read their wonderful, carefully chosen books.


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33 1/333⅓ is a series of books written about music albums, featuring one author per album. Published by Continuum Books, a division of the Continuum International Publishing Group, the series is edited by David Barker. The series title refers to the speed (33⅓ revolutions per minute) of an LP album.

coffee houseCoffee House Press was founded in 1984, and took its name from the long tradition of coffee houses as places for the free exchange of ideas, where each individual had equal time for expression, regardless of station or background. The English coffee house of the 1600s was a place of fellowship and discussion of the events of the day. The Parisian cafes of the early 1900s witnessed the birth of Dadaism, cubism, and surrealism. The American coffee house of the 1950s, a refuge from conformity for beat poets, exploded with literary energy. This spirit lives on in the pages of Coffee House Press books.

europa editionsEuropa Editions is a New York-based publisher of literary fiction, high-end mystery and noir, children’s illustrated fiction, narrative non-fiction, and memoir. Approximately two-thirds of the titles on our list are works of literature in translation.

new directionsNew Directions was founded in 1936, when James Laughlin, then a twenty-two-year-old Harvard sophomore, issued the first of the New Directions anthologies.  The anthologies first introduced readers to the early work of such writers as William Saroyan, Louis Zukofsky, Marianne Moore, Wallace Stevens, Kay Boyle, Delmore Schwartz, Dylan Thomas, Thomas Merton, John Hawkes, Denise Levertov, James Agee, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Soon after issuing the first of the anthologies, New Directions began publishing novels, plays, and collections of poems.


new york review of booksThe New York Review of Books Classics series is designedly and determinedly exploratory and eclectic, a mix of fiction and non-fiction from different eras and times and of various sorts. The series includes nineteenth century novels and experimental novels, reportage and belles lettres, tell-all memoirs and learned studies, established classics and cult favorites, literature high, low, unsuspected, and unheard of. NYRB Classics are, to a large degree, discoveries, the kind of books that people typically run into outside of the classroom and then remember for life.


Soho Press is an independent book publisher based in New York City. Since 1986, they have been publishing literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, and mysteries set in exotic locations.


Also, check out our videos to see which small presses we love!