Store Update as of May 21st

Dear Reader,

Hope you are well!

We are exceptional at recommending; offer a wondrous selection of books; have both print and digital gift certificates; wrap, ship, and special order.  Please make use of this community resource so that we can help you for years to come.

Humor, music, and entertainment have helped to sustain us through all of this, as they have humans since time immemorial!  Art too, let's please not forget art – in all of its forms. 

We are here to help you find books that entertain, engage, and inform.  You can communicate with us by phone and at the store, for recommendations and pickup only (Monday to Saturday 10-3),  or online and via email – all day every day. 

Please share news of our stores with your friends and family and encourage them to support local independent bookstores, wherever they live.  We think we are an important part of the community and culture, and want to be here a year from now, when you are needing books to read and to give.

Thanks for all of your support, and all of your orders these last two months.  It is helping us to weather this storm!

Stay strong, stay healthy & read a book!
Alison, John & all DIESELfolk

P.S. Yes we are promoting our social media and virtual events at this time: please join us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram