Thank You! Help DIESEL, A Bookstore Keep Going ~ Johnny 99 Fund

Dear Reader,

We want to thank each of you for your support these last 8 months.  It has been so warming, encouraging, and enspiriting to see you, talk with you, and discuss books with you.

We need your help these days, more than ever, and in ways we never anticipated.  Your generous support of our GoFundMe campaign has reached 40% of our goal, to date.  You have kindly bought books online; ordered them online, for pickup and for shipping; bought gift certificates; joined our program for streaming audio from our website; and downloaded ebooks from our website, too.

Your support in these ways has empowered us to not only continue trying to financially stay afloat through these troubling times, but stay strong emotionally and psychologically.  We feel an even greater commitment to, and sense of belonging with, our community of readers and booklovers. 

This month is the launch of two great promotions for booksellers nationwide. November Is The New December is spreading the news that this holiday season will have exceptional challenges precipitating from the Covid epidemic , including problems with paper shortages, distribution and reduced publisher print runs.   In short, the expectation is that many more titles than usual will become unavailable later in the season, so that getting the books you want as gifts may become difficult by December --- so get them now!  And booklovers say: Books Make the Best Gifts!
The other promotion is #BoxedOut – which addresses another structural problem in publishing, book culture, and independent bookselling – Amazon and other big box retailers.  Not invested culturally in the values of book culture, they attempt to corner the market of books, as products, and drive out their community-oriented competitors in local markets, putting publishers and independents at vital risk.

#BoxedOut, is asking booklovers to see the big picture of what is happening to book culture, and make sound decisions on behalf of that culture by supporting their local independent bookstores with all of their book-related purchases and gift-giving. 

We are glad and proud that these two separate, but linked, promotions are available this season to encourage us each to vote with our dollars, support the communities we want and need, and spend our money in line with our values.  Voting doesn’t stop on election day!

We also want to thank those in the media and those who have broadcast our situation in an attempt to help us weather this storm.  Thanks for forwarding our emails, links to our GoFundMe, and emailing those you know as well.  And thanks to the newspapers, individuals and book people who have supported us through interviews, podcasts, and articles informing people of ways they can help, and why they should.  Here is some of their work:

LATimes, Wendy Paris
Channel 10 News, Mimi Elkalla
Bookstories, Vik Singh
LATimes, Dorany Pineda
Times of San Diego, Hoe Quach
Skylight Books, Maddie Gobbo
LA Times, Dorany Pineda
The Argonaut, Bliss Bowen
The Argonaut, Bliss Bowen

In Gratitude,

Alison, John & all DIESELfolk