Three Authors, Three Congratulations

This year marks 25 years of bookselling for DIESEL, A Bookstore in Oakland and maybe it hasn't always been easy, but it has always been fun. We love this place. Over the years, we've had some fantastic authors and readers come into the store and fall in love with it too. Here, wishing us a warm congratulations, are three of them.

Up first is beloved local author, Michael Chabon, whose book Telegraph Avenue is perhaps one of the biggest bestsellers in our bookselling history. Thank you, Michael!

Up next is Mac Barnett, the author and illustrator of some of the best children's books ever, from the awesome Battle Bunny (repurposed from the far sappier and more boring, Birthday Bunny), to the new generation of kid sleuths series, The Brixton Brothers. Thank you, Mac!

And finally, we have author Edan Lepucki, whose book California rocketed into the bestseller stratosphere after booksellers, fellow authors, and the public united behind her (man, we wish all debut authors received such fantastic attention). Thank you, Edan!

People like Michael, Mac, and Edan are part of what makes bookselling a wonderful experience. They're the kinds of authors who understand the need for community and appreciate the chance to connect with the fans who love them. Help us keep bringing authors and readers together for another 25 years! Check out our upcoming Indiegogo campaign by clicking on the link at the top right.