Three Links: Of Fear, Fast-Track Publication, & Breakfastfood Freedom

(1) “'We do not believe. We fear.'” -- Oh me, oh my . . . there is so much to chew on (& be chewed on by) in Mary Ruefle's essay on fear, originally from her very fine book much lauded in these parts, Madness, Rack & Honey.



(2) Itching to read something by the newly-named Nobel Prize winning novelist, Patrick Modiano? Our friends at Yale University Press are here to meet your needs by hastening their release of his novella collection, Suspended Sentences, to Nov. 3. Pre-order your copy here.





(3) This week was E. E. Cummings' 120th birthday. If Lawrence Fishburne's recitation of "as freedom is a breakfastfood" is any indication, Mr. Cummings has aged quite nicely.