Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea (Signed Copy)

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Doubilet, David
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Moran, Kathleen F.; Sullivan, Kathryn D.
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Phaidon Press

The first major book in two decades by the pioneering underwater photographer, beloved as the ‘Audubon of the sea’

The ocean covers more than seventy percent  of our planet, and yet we rarely glimpse its depths – and especially its exquisite beauty  as documented by legendary photographer  David Doubilet. His work in and on water has set the standard for decades. In this remarkable and highly-anticipated collection by artist and diver David Doubilet, whose innovation, eye for beauty, and passion for conservation have long set the bar for underwater photography, Doubilet unites life above and below the water’s surface.

Spotlighting a stunning selection of images from Doubilet’s 50-year career, spanning the Galapagos to the Red Sea, the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean to the tropical Great Barrier Reef, this body of work raises important questions about conservation and global warming, topics never far from the headlines. ‘I want  to create a window into the sea,’ he says, ‘that invites people to see how their world connects to another life-sustaining world hidden from their view.’  Doubilet’s photographs are accompanied by an introduction by Kathy Moran and an afterword by Kathryn D. Sullivan.

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